We are based at 2 Challenge Way, just off Barrack Street

Schools, Scout Groups & other fundraisers

Want a fundraiser without asking for money?

Simply ask parents / supporters to collect up all their unwanted clothes and bring them in to you, and we can collect them directly from you and pay £300 for every tonne of clothing.

1. Promote your event

We can provide promotional and educational materials for children on recycling textiles to help raise awareness for the event. There are many shocking facts that can help to educate and raise awareness, for example, did you know that it takes 2,700 litres of water to make a single cotton t-shirt?

2. Collect up the clothing

Collect in the clothing, clothes must be in good reusable condition and we cannot accept underwear, socks or school uniforms. However we are happy to donate any school uniforms to the local uniform bank, but cannot pay for these. We can pay 15p/kg for footwear.

3. We will collect from you

We will collect up and weigh the clothing in front of you on an agreed time and date.

4. Get paid

We will make payment within 5 working days.